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Committed Prayer Group

“I urge, then, first of all, that requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone.”1 Timothy 2:1

What is the Intercessory Prayer Ministry?
First Presbyterian Church of Greenwood has an Intercessory Prayer Ministry called “The Committed Prayers”.
Who are the Committed Prayers?
The Committed Prayers is a group of 20 to 25 people who are committed to pray regularly for the needs of church members, friends, and anyone or any group for whom a request is submitted.
How do I submit a prayer request? 
Prayer requests may be submitted by filling out prayer request forms found in the pews and on the table outside of the office and placing them in the Prayer Request box on that table. Requests also may be made by emailing the request or mail them to the church at:

Committed Prayers
First Presbyterian Church
PO Box 426
Greenwood, SC 29648

E-mail us at :

You may also make requests directly to a member of the Committed Prayers.
Can I make a request without mentioning the person’s name?
Yes. All prayer requests are considered confidential, and it is not necessary to mention he person’s name.
When are the prayer requests collected and sent to the committed prayers?
Prayer Requests are collected from the Prayer Request Box every Sunday after church and emailed or mailed to the members of the committee.
How can I submit an emergency prayer request?
There is a telephone and an email prayer chain available for emergency requests. These requests may be made to any member of the prayer committee.
What is a Prayergram?
Prayergrams are notes that are sent upon request to people on the prayer list.
How can I become a Committed Prayer?
Any member of our church who is committed to praying for others confidentially on a regular basis is welcome to join.

How long will my prayer request be in effect?

The Committed Prayers will keep your request on their prayer list for one month.  The request will be removed unless there is an update or a new request.