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Bereavement Committee

The Bereavement Committee exists to help the family of any church member who dies.  We provide, within our guidelines, either a meal for the family or a reception for the family after a church service. Volunteers are always appreciated.  There are both large and small jobs available.  However, there may only be a 24-48 hour notice to organize, help and prepare.  Those interested in being a part of this ministry, or who would like more information may call:

      Joyce Hyde          223-1160

      Joetta Schick       543-2257

      Ginny Wilson       223-3509

“We are here for you”………………..


Spiritual Enrichment Committee

This committee, also known as the “Babies Committee”, see that a rosebud is placed on the lectern to honor new babies born in our congregation.  Baptismal cross-stitched, framed samplers are presented to the baby’s family as a memento of the occasion.  Volunteers wishing to help cross-stitch the baptismal samplers are always welcome.   For more information about this committee and its work, you may call:

     Ellen Jenks             344-2247

     Sally Anderson:      223-2165


Culinary Committee

The Culinary Committee assists PW with planning, cooking, serving and cleaning after PW occasions where food is being served.  Upcoming events are announced in the SPIRE and volunteers to help with any of the associated tasks are always welcome.  If you are interested in helping at events like the Advent Brunch, Lenten Luncheons, or other occasions you may call:

     Betsy Collins (Chair):      223-0324

     Julie Cooner                    229-0511

     Nita Flowe                       229-7078

     Jane Goforth                   543-2879

     Ruth Holsberg                 229-5999

     Sharon Smoke                943-0447