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Facility Policies


The facilities of First Presbyterian Church of Greenwood (FPC) are for the worship and programs of the Church, to be actively used by members and church groups. The facilities may be used by non-member groups and individuals as outlined in this policy. FPC regards this non-member use as part of the Church’s service to the community. The Church’s Session, through its designated official, reserves the right to make full determination as to whether or not a group may use its facilities.

A. Who May Use the Church (in order of priority):
1. First Presbyterian Church groups using the facilities as part of the ministry of the church. No charge.
2. Groups that come as invited guests of the session or congregation of the First Presbyterian Church. No charge.
3. Groups sponsored by the Presbytery of South Carolina and other Presbyterian (U.S.A.) organizations. No charge.
4. Other denominational service and charitable organizations (for example, Scouts, Bloodbanks, etc.) will be considered for use without charge provided the meeting is held within normal working hours. For other times, see Schedule F for fees.
5. Outside social, civic, educational, and non-service groups or individuals using First Presbyterian Church facilities for activities will be charged a facilities usage fee to help defray the cost of utilities and custodial service. (See Schedule F for fees.)
6. The facilities are not available to partisan political groups nor to groups operating solely for commercial gain.

B. Approvals:
1. One-time basis may be approved by the Pastor and office staff (unless questions arise, then by the Session).
2. All usage of the Church facilities by “outside” groups on a regular basis must receive approval of the Session. (Book of Order, G-10.012n)

C. General Information:
1. 1. All groups must make requests with the Church secretary and building superintendent who will receive required information (date, time, etc.). The requesting party will be notified of confirmation or denial in a timely fashion.
2. Responsible adult supervision must be with the group at all times when facilities are in use.
3. If the Hall has not been reserved by a Church member who will be present at the function, then a Church staff member must be present. An hourly fee in addition to other fees, will be charged for the staff person.
4. All minor children not attending the function, must be supervised by an adult.
5. Smoking in the building is prohibited during activities authorized herein.
6. All facilities must be vacated by 10:00 p.m.
7. No alcoholic beverages will be permitted in the building.
8. Non-church groups may not schedule the facility on Sunday.
9. Scheduled meeting of First Presbyterian Church take precedence over all other meetings.
10. 10. The sanctuary is available for activities sponsored by First Presbyterian Church. All other use of the sanctuary must be approved by the Session.
11. The Session will consider special requests that do not conform to any of the stated policies.

D. Kitchen Use:
1. The kitchen is available provided a designated representative of the Church is present during usage.
2. When an outside caterer is used (for wedding receptions, meals, etc.) the regular fee will be charged for use of the space. (Applicable to non-members only).
3. No charge will be made to a caterer for a wedding reception when either the bride or groom is a member of the Church.
4. The caterer will be held responsible in case of breakage or damage to kitchen materials. Every group, including catering services, is expected to leave the kitchen and its equipment clean and in place as it was found.

E. Use of Equipment:
1. Any use of audio-visual equipment will require special handling.
2. No furniture (table, chairs, etc.) or equipment belonging to the Church may be loaned or removed from the building except for official Church functions with prior notification of the Church Building Superintendent and Church Office.
3. Outside groups using the facility may use tables, chairs, and lecterns, as their set-up requires.

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