Frequently Asked Questions - What to Expect

If you come on a Sunday Morning you can expect to see people of every age.  People will be dressed in everything from jeans to suits!  There is a Welcome Center Desk in the front lobby beside the Sanctuary.  Infant and toddler nurseries (under 2 years) begin at 8:30am and continue until 12:30pm.  Worship begins at 9:00am and again at 11:00am.  Sunday School classes for children, youth and adults begins at 10:00am.  You can expect high energy, traditional worship and a warm welcome!

It is more important that you come, than when you come!  Parking is convenient with handicapped spaces clearly marked on both sides of the Sanctuary.  If you arrive in our parking lot 10 minutes before the services begin (at 9:00am and 11:00am), you will have plenty of time.  If you have small children and would like to take advantage of our well-staffed and nicely appointed nurseries, then come a few minutes earlier.  Nursery staff will give you a beeper so that they can contact you if necessary, should your child need you during worship.

We are a place that values your presence more than we judge what you are wearing!  It is more important that you come, than how you are dressed!  However, the majority of First Presbyterian worshippers are dressed in their Sunday best, putting their best foot forward to worship God.  Men come in everything from suits to jeans.  Women wear slacks or skirts/dresses.

During worship there are nurseries for infants through 3 year old children. Four and five year olds stay in the service until after the children's message. At that time they are taken to child care until the service is over. All other children are encouraged to remain in the worship service with their parents. We believe that children learn to worship by participating in worship.

If you arrive for Sunday School at 10:00am on Sunday mornings offering a Christian learning experience for everyone from 3 year olds all the way to our oldest members!

If you come during the School Year on Wednesday Nights for LEGOZ OR LOGOS  -  Everyone is invited to come and to eat dinner together (see the newsletter and Calendar for schedule of events).  

  • YES!  YES!  YES!
  • SUNDAY MORNING – Youth are invited both to worship (at 9am and 11am),  and to attend Sunday School Classes (at 10:00am).  Link to Youth Education Page
  • SUNDAY EVENING – Our Youth programming on Sunday night is commonly referred to as SNY:  Sunday Night Youth.  During the school year, SNY normally meets at church from 6:30 to 8:30pm.  See Calendar for a schedule of events or for more information
  • WEDNESDAY EVENING – WAY meets in the youth room at 5pm each Wednesday night. Please bring $3/week for dinner and activity supplies. WAY ends at 6:15pm. Pick up is outside back youth room door at that time or go straight to VIP choir until 7 p.m. This is a Middle School get-together to have some fun, fellowship, food and faith!.

All who acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior are welcome to take Communion.

Some people bring a Bible but not everyone.

All of the services typically last about an hour.