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The Heritage Room

The Heritage Room at First Presbyterian Church, Greenwood, SC, is a beautiful room that tells the story of an illustrious one hundred and ten years of adventure of faith. At the request of the Session in May 1991, Mrs. Alice H. Reynolds was requested and agreed to spearhead the establishing of the room. She and a Task Force which she selected, spent eighteen months gathering items and materials which would be included in the room and would preserve the church’s history.
Among the treasures to be found in the Heritage Room are photographs of the fifteen former ministers and associate ministers, a large plaque with the names of the young men and women of the church who served in WWII, and cabinets and glass cases which display old artifacts and books. Two large needlepoint seals of the Presbyterian Church US and The Presbyterian Church USA are hanging on one wall.
One grouping of pictures tells the story of the fine Music Department of the church. There are pictures of the early church Pioneers, Ruling Elders, Deacons, Directors of Christian Education, Sunday School teachers and old Certificates of Promotion.
Also found are pictures of Dr. John Allen MacLean who was instrumental in the building of an Education Building in 1924, and Mrs. Pierrine S. Byrd, Benefactor of the Heritage Room. On a handsome Hitchcock table in the center of the room are ten large albums which contain numerous pictures, historical records, newspaper articles, etc. Even the small Mason-Hamlin organ, rare and beautifully restored, used in the First Presbyterian Church, 1883-1899, found its home in the Heritage Room. Many of the items and the beautiful furnishings in the room were given as memorials and gifts.
The Heritage Room attempts to impart to the present generation and those who follow, the great Christian heritage passed down by the faithful Pioneers of First Presbyterian Church, Greenwood, SC.