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How Do I Give?

General Support

  • Make a Pledge to the Church by calling the church Business Manager Tammy Harris at 864-229-5814
  • Place Your Gift in the Offering Plate During Worship
  • Mail a Gift to the Church Office:  First Presbyterian Church, PO Box 426, Greenwood, South Carolina 29648

Memorial Gifts

  • Make a Memorial Gift in honor/in memory of a loved one (Offering Plate/U.S. Mail)  for more information –

First Presbyterian Endowment Fund
First Presbyterian has an Endowment Fund that was created to expand the mission and ministry of our congregation.  Funds are invested under supervision of The Endowment Committee – appointed by The Session.  The principle of the fund is never touched, but a percentage of the profit each year is made available for special projects.  In the past, funds from the Endowment Fund have supported many causes.

What is the First Presbyterian Endowment?

The First Presbyterian Church Endowment was established in 1986 exclusively for charitable purposes. It provides financial assistance to the various religious, charitable, educational, and missionary causes supported by the congregation but that are not included in the annual operational budget. The Session oversees its activities. It is a tax-exempt organization.

Who manages the Endowment?

There are nine directors, five being Trustees elected by the congregation, three Elders appointed by the Session and one Elder appointed by the Endowment Board.

This board meets at least quarterly to review and manage the Fund and consider requests and disbursements. They follow very strict guidelines, such as donor stipulations and the Endowment’s written requirement that the funds be issued to provide assistance to ministry and mission causes not connected to the regular church budget, maintenance, or debt service.

 How can I participate in giving “A Legacy for the Future“?

 Gifting of Life Insurance
 Direct Gift of Cash in Honor or in Memory of a loved one.
 Assigning Investments, Annuities, Securities, Real Estate, & Trusts

Thornwell Dunlap, Jr. was instrumental in establishing the First Presbyterian Church Endowment in 1986. His belief in the Endowment and his love for God and his church led him to gift a life insurance policy to the Endowment. We thank him for his gift that will touch generations to come, “A Legacy for the Future”.

Why Should I give to First Presbyterian’s Endowment?

First of all, you are giving through the Endowment, not to it! Creating and implementing a gift to your church is a transforming experience, changing your asset to a resource that will fund future mission and ministry. You are truly making a gift to future generations of Christians.

“A Legacy for the Future”

How can I find out more about this program and my giving opportunities?

The Endowment Directors and the Senior Pastor invite the congregation to contact any one of them with questions, comments or suggestions about the First Presbyterian Church Endowment.


What has the Endowment  supported in recent years?

In 2008-2009 the Endowment has contributed over $116,000 to these primary categories of congregational support:

Missions                                $43,461

Education/Scholarship     $26,001

Outreach                               $35,760

Special Projects                  $11,684

Total                                      $116,906

Endowment Application


Would you like to know more about the Endowment, or learn how to make a gift or remember the Endowment in your will? Why not talk to one of the members of the Endowment Committee. They welcome your calls and questions.

Steve White (2014)
Ruth LaForge (2015 – Secretary)
Bob Erwin (2016)
Fred Murphy (2017 -- Chair)
Tom Pritchard (2018)

Board of Directors of the Endowment

*All of the above Church Trustees plus:

Teresa Carter (2014)
Phyllis Collins (2014)
Pam McAlhany (2015)

Bob Roddey (2016)