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Katie Edmonds McKellar Library

Library Hours

Monday-Thursday: 8AM – 5PM

Friday: 8AM – 12 noon

Sunday: 8AM – 12 noon


The library has a collection of Christian resources. There are books and audio-visuals available for church members to use. You can find such things as commentaries if you are teaching a Sunday School lesson, meditation books, books and audio-visuals for children, and a small collection of Christian fiction. There is also a Stephen Ministry collection for handling problems such as helping a child with the problem of death or divorce,  and advise on parenting teenagers.

The catalog is on your left as you enter the library. You can look under author, title, or subject to locate the material you need. There are resources for adults, youth, and children.
Check out is on the honor system. Just sign the card in the pocket, put the date you’re taking the material, and leave the card on the circulation desk. Return the book or audiovisual when you have finished with it.

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