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At First Presbyterian Church, we CARE.

Since its birth 2000 years ago, the Church of Jesus Christ has been in the business of serving others. This desire to serve comes from following the example of our Lord, who defined his mission as one of service. “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many” (Mark 19:45). Here at First Presbyterian Church we feel called to walk in the footsteps of Jesus by continuing his earthly ministry of service. On these web pages you will find information about the various mission projects that our congregation supports. But the real story is what is found behind the descriptions of these projects. And that is people. People whose lives are touched and transformed because a group of Christians in the small community of Greenwood, South Carolina, answered the call of Christ to make a lasting difference in this world. Do not take lightly what you read in the following pages, for the opportunities you will read about are life changing. Thank you for being a part of these vital ministries through your support of First Presbyterian Church, and keep up the good work.

Greenwood First Presbyterian Church has a long and impressive history of support for those less fortunate. Our Church Family has reached out in many ways to assist brothers and sisters in our community and around the world.

The Outreach Committee sees that funds are dispersed in the most appropriate manner to those entities most in need of our support. Outreach is an active, working committee.



The First Presbyterian Church Food Pantry was started about 1987 and administered by the Church Pastors and Staff. In January 2003, to relieve the workload on the staff, the Food Pantry was relocated to the Turner House and staffed by trained church volunteers. The Turner House Food Pantry was open Tuesday and Thursday each week, from 1pm to 3pm. For the years 2003 through 2005, we served 3,620 adults and children. Most of those served were without personal transportation and lived within one mile of our church. With this in mind, in January 2006, a partnership with the Salvation Army was formed to expand our Food Pantry hours of distribution.
The Salvation Army, with their full time case worker, has been able to distribute food to needy individuals, while the supply lasted, every afternoon for 5 days a week. During 2006, Church members continued to donate non-perishable food items by placing them in the “Food Donation Barrel” and a Missions/Outreach committee member, purchased additional food from the $2,146 designated contributions received. The staff of Salvation Army, with the help of volunteers from First Presbyterian Church, packed and distributed food to 2,692 individuals for 19,812 meals in the period of 12 months.
In 2007, Church members donated 540 non-perishable food items and contributed slightly over $2,200 for the purchase of additional food products. The Salvation Army was fortunate in receiving donations of food items and contributions from other sources, which, together with our Church donation, enabled their staff to distribute food to 2,380 adults and children.
The third year (2008) of our partnership with the Salvation Army was very successful. Church members donated 468 non-perishable food items and contributed slightly over $1,400. The Salvation Army also received from other sources food items and contributions which, together with our Church donations, enabled their staff to distribute food to 2,531 adults and children.
We prayerfully request that our congregation continue to donate food items and/or contribute monetary funds. With the economic condition of the country, there is a heavy increase in need to feed people in our community and desperately need monetary contributions to purchase food. Also, volunteers (to sort canned goods) are needed, if you can help, please contact Phyllis Zuehlke, 223-5915.

Thornwell Home: Providing Care to Children

Thornwell Home, located in Clinton, has been taking care of children since Oct. 1, 1875. Supported by the Presbyterian Church USA, today, the home nurtures more than 100 children. Many of the children suffer from mild to moderate emotional problems stemming from the death of parent(s); a separation or divorce resulting in a temporary inability to care for a child; a temporary financial and/or physical inability to care for a child; families experiencing types of dependency or abuse; and parent’s/guardian’s disabling health or advanced age.
First Presbyterian Church has provided funding for Thornwell Home for decades. The church’s Missions and Outreach Committee includes Thornwell Home in its annual budget.
The Missions and Outreach Committee provided $1,000 from its budget and the church’s Endowment provided $3,000 for the purchase of a dining table and chairs for 12 people at Virginia cottage.
Virginia Cottage serves approximately seven elementary school aged boys. Virginia Cottage was built in 1899 and was a gift from Mr & Mrs. Cy McCormick. McCormick was the one who invented the McCormick reaper.
One of the most successful homes for children of its type, the care of Thornwell’s residents is based on sound Christian principles and a warm, loving cottage atmosphere. The heart of the residential program are Family Teachers-which is usually a married couple or two individual Family Teachers. Family Teachers live in cottages with approximately six to eight children, teaching them self-governing skills, as well as helping instill in them self-confidence and individual responsibility.
Presbyterian Women of First Presbyterian Church have provided funds to Thornwell Home and have also purchased school supplies and household items. The church has provided funds from loose offering money collected. Also, the church’s Golden Age Presbyterians (GAP) have provided funding for Thornwell Home and had someone from Thornwell to come and be a guest speaker for one of its programs.
For more information about how you can help children at Thornwell Home, contact Chandra Coleman, director of Sponsorship at Thornwell Home at 864-938-2700 or send an e-mail to C.Coleman

The Greenwood County Food Bank 
Providing Food for the Needy

The Missions and Outreach Committee of First Presbyterian Church provides funding to many local organizations. One of those is the Food Bank of Greenwood County. The Food Bank began in 1983 as a response to Gov. Richard Riley’s call for counties to develop assistance programs for the large number of people suffering job loss during that recession. Greenwood churches, civic clubs, and helping agencies met and decided to open an emergency food pantry.
The Food Bank of Greenwood County is an emergency food pantry. It provides a basic one-week grocery package to persons referred by local helping agencies. Groceries are packed by a formula that considers size of family and needs of children, the elderly, those needing special diets, and those who have no cooking facilities.
All of the Food Bank staff are volunteers. There are over 150 people serving as volunteers at the Food Bank. Some of the volunteers are members of First Presbyterian Church.
In 2008, the Food Bank served over 6,800 people. This is a 15.5% increase over 2007. From December 2008 to March 2009, the Food Bank has seen a 100% increase in clients served over the same period of time of 2007-2008.
Many community groups regularly donate resources and conduct food drives in behalf of the Food Bank. However, if the food items on the essential food list are not donated, then the Food Bank must purchase the items. Ninety seven percent of all funds raised are used to purchase food.
Some of the needed items include: dry products such as flour, sugar, milk, potatoes; canned goods such as vegetables, fruits, soup; meats (salmon, tuna, stew beef, etc.)
The Food Bank is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. For information on volunteering, call Ruth Collins (Volunteer Coordinator) at 227-0048.

Food Bank of Greenwood County
PO Box 604
Greenwood, SC 29648-0604

View our on-line Brochure for a partial list of the ministries / outreaches supported by First Presbyterian Church of Greenwood, South Carolina.

“Yes, You are making a difference in the world !”

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