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Our Mission

Welcome to First Presbyterian Church!  Located in Greenwood, South Carolina, First Presbyterian is a Presbyterian (USA) congregation that takes seriously Jesus’ call to “follow him”!  We are an authentic community of faith that includes Christians of every age and status who are trying, each day, to train our heads, hearts and hands to serve Christ.  We are serious about:

  • Training our heads in Discipleship through the study of Scripture:
    • Sunday morning and Wednesday evening classes,
    • Disciple Bible Study Groups,
    • Small group studies ongoing.
  • Training our hearts in Discipleship through worship and learning the skills and disciplines of daily Christian living:
    • Sunday Worship at 9:00am and 11:00am,
    • Festiva services,
    • Multiple choirs,
  • Training our hands in Discipleship by serving our congregation, our community and our world:
    • Feeding the Hungry throughout Greenwood
    • Working partnerships with our local Elementary and High School
    • Real relationships with 8 Christian Missionaries all over the globe
    • Regular mission trips for youth and adults across the southeast to respond to the needs of communities affected by disasters.

We are not a perfect group of Disciples, but believe that living in authentic community in the service of Christ is where real life and joy are found!  Come and worship with us on Sunday morning!  Come and join us as we follow Christ!