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Sunday School

First Presbyterian Church has several Sunday School classes for adults. The goal of the classes is to foster spiritual growth and development. As people meet together each Sunday they develop fellowship, friendship, and genuine care and support for each other. All of the classes reach out to the community and to those who need help. Below is a short description of each of the classes:

F.I.S.H. (Fellowship in Him) Class – This class is made up of members who are in their 20s to late 40s. They study a variety of topics including Bible study, social issues, and marriage and family enrichment. Coffee time is held at the beginning of each class, starting at 10:00. They have a variety of social activities during the year, some of which are for adults only and some include their children. They have several projects during the year to benefit those who are less fortunate.

SOJOURNERS/HENRY REYNOLDS CLASS – This year two of our classes decided to combine their talents, teachers, and their members for one large class. The ages are pretty wide spread from 40s to 80s. The class is made up of couples and singles and all are welcome. They use both curriculum (Uniform Bible Lesson Series in The Present Word) and a variety of elective studies dealing with Bible related subjects. Coffee and fellowship begin each Sunday morning at 10:00. The class has several projects during the year to benefit those who are less fortunate.

JOHN KNOX CLASS – This class consists of couples and singles whose ages range generally from the 60s to 80s. They study a variety of Biblical material as well as current interest topics, and discussion is the order of the day. This class begins at 10:00 in the Chapel. They have several class parties during the year, usually in the form of a covered dish supper.

YOUNG ADULTS - This class is fairly new.  Our young adults, from college age to early 30s, study a variety of topics  on Sunday mornings at the Turner House.