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A wedding service is a service of worship to God in which we glorify and thank God and bless the union of a man and woman as they make their covenant before God and in the presence of those who love them.  As the Presbyterian service for weddings says, “Marriage is given by God, blessed by our Lord Jesus Christ, and sustained by the Holy Spirit.  Therefore, let marriage be held in honor among all.”

In keeping with these faith convictions, all weddings on the campus of First Presbyterian Church are held in compliance with the Wedding Policy that has been established by The Session of our congregation.  For a copy of the Wedding Policy, please below, or contact the Church Office and request a copy of the policy.  Couples who are not members of First Presbyterian may, by special request and with Session approval, be married in our sanctuary.  However, there is an additional usage fee for the facility and the church may not be reserved more than three months in advance of the wedding date.

Pre-marital counseling is required of all who are married at First Presbyterian.  This counseling is normally conducted by one of First Presbyterian’s Ministers and consists of a Prepare Enrich inventory.

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