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Worshipping God each week is the spiritual practice that keeps our lives in focus. If you feel far from God, consider making weekly worship a priority.  It is difficult to train ourselves to see people and events as God sees them without God’s help.  Worship is the weekly occasion when we:

  • Remember God’s love for us and the world;
  • Ask for forgiveness for the Sin that separates us from God and each other;
  • Hear the Word of God read and proclaimed;
  • Sing and speak the faith convictions of the people of God;
  • Lift to God the concerns and joys of our life in prayer;
  • Offer ourselves to God for use in the service of God’s Kingdom;

Worship at First Presbyterian is traditional, yet relaxed.  During worship, we put forth our best. Dress our best, whatever that may be. Following a Children’s Sermon, children 1st grade and below are invited to leave the service to go to Children’s Church while everyone else continues worship in the Sanctuary.